Provision Adult Diapers for Bed-Ridden Patients Project
Nowadays Thailand moved into elderly society. Our elderly population are increased and these are recession of health. The number of bedridden patients are increased because of chronic diseases, cerebrovascular complications, parkinson, muscular dystrophy, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), autoimmune disease and illness in old ages cause by accidents. Besides old ages people, we found bed-ridden patients with handicapped. Our social worker team have made the survey and visited many communities such as Klong Toey Community, 14 Rai (Pravet) Community, Chalongkrung Community, Watcharapol Community, included Samut Songkram Province.

Besides there’s continuous request by phone calls to Santisuk Foundation, many people in communities are very poor and living with difficulties. They have very low income. The current economy is in decline.
Some family members with bed-ridden patients had to resign from present work, to take care of the patients all the time. So family income is decreased. The government has no budget to support those families with bed-ridden patients. Some families were unemployed, they cannot afford to buy to buy the diapers.

1.Patients unable to take care him/herself to use the toilet.
2.Problem of defecate and urinate scatter and messy.
3.Price of diapers is too high to afford.
4.Families of those elderly, disabled and bed-ridden patients in communities, most of them have low income. They earn small income daily  and they cannot take good care of sickness, disabled and elderly.
5.Unable to protect from infection.
6.Families of patients are needed continuous supporting.
7.Patients and disabled need more help.

1.Helping and support useful kits for bed-ridden patients such as diapers, other necessary stuff for patients.
2.Hygienic helping for bed-ridden patients in order to decrease tension for them.
3.To reduce household expenses.
4.To help those patient’s caregiver having more time to recess.
5.By hygienic supporting will help patients family for their better living condition.
6.Saving money for buying the diapers and be able to pay for medical treatment.
7. Create network for elderly in each communities in order to provide more supporting and developing quality of living in the future.

Procedures Managerial for Bed-Ridden Patients Project
1.Making survey and visit for elderly and disabled bed-ridden patients in communities.
2.Making project and planning budget real cost to raise fund through public relation medias.
3.Provide diapers and necessity stuffs for poor bed-ridden patients.
4.Follow-up and visit the patients in order to give hope and encouragement.
5. Co-operate with leaders and public health volunteers in communities who know the patients and their families.

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