Vocational Training Project for Unemployed and Low-income Earners in Communities


Refreshments are assumed as popular for many banquets. Their signatures are likely bite-sized food and appetizers, in both Thai traditional food and international menus. Most people love them and consumed within household or adapted for major and minor occupation, additional making income for the family.

At present, educational management to develop occupation in society is essential. That will be progressing for life quality for people in society for those confronting critical situation of unemployed and lacking income. The social and economic conditions would be amend in livelihood as a consequence overcritical of Covid-19 spreading which disturbed for subsistence of low-income earners and unemployed in communities and slums. This education management designed for lacking of income will turn into knowledgeable in refreshment and able to adapt for real daily life. Therefore, both of them will increase extra income for their households.

Principle of curriculum

• The curriculum concentrated on management for occupation; in order that unemployed and low-income earning will increase income. That’s will simultaneously with real practical and learners will adapt their adjust and practicable in real life.
• Moreover it focus on vocational training in various international menus, thus for low income earners and unemployed.

In order that learners and those who practice occupation as described characters.
1. Learners and those vocational trained will be able to apply knowledge to real professional practice.
2. They will extend their skills by making extra income for their families.

Target group
1. Unemployed in communities
2. Low-income earners

Throughout 20 hours curricular
Theory  1 hr.
Practical 19 hrs.



Those interested please join and support money, material or necessary things as suitable and convenience.  The foundation will collect and manage in vocational training for unemployed and low-income earners in communities.
You are able to support the project by donate for Vocational Training Project for Unemployed and Low-income Earners in Communities.
Via donation form   : http://bit.ly/2qGvJNn
Through Punbun by TMB.Thanachart Bank (PLC.) : https://bit.ly/42fysdr

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