Job Creation for The Poor in Community Program

Job Creation for The Poor in Community Program

We create jobs for the people in slum community to help them raise their income and have a sustainable life.

Santisuk Foundation is a Non-government Christian organization, a 528 Public Charity organization of the Notification of the Ministry of Finance that functions as an intermediate center for people who have a desire to help and to channel love and care to the 1,100 poor and underprivileged children living in slum communities in Bangkok and outlying areas ; Samuth Sakorn, Samuth Songkram, and Chachoengsao etc. for almost 36 years.

The organization team especially our social workers always visit children and their families at homes and schools continuously.We give advice to children and their families on how importance of education. We have many activities that will help them grow and become responsible adults. We would like to bring them to a place of self-worth, discipline and responsibility in life.
However, we have found that many families are still living poverty. The lack of money becomes major part of their daily living. Most of the parents have very small and unstable income. They cannot afford to buy food for every meal. Children have to go to school with empty pockets, no money to pay for breakfast or lunch. They cannot pay for transport etc. They have to walk very far to school. Children’s learning skill is affected by these difficulties. Things worsen when children have to stop going to school and are forced by the circumstances to start working instead. Many families decided to let their children get out of school because of financial issue. They cannot afford to pay all expenses in their households and children’s schooling expenses etc.
According to the above mentioned, Miss Rakel Yttevik a Norwegian missionary and the founder of Santisuk Foundation who never loses hope whenever she visits the children and families in communities gave us valuable advice to Santisuk Foundation which is “ We need to give knowledge and job training to parents or guardians, give good opportunities for them to do the works; sewing jobs ( bag ) and other handicraft products etc. So they will have income for their living, children’s pocket money and transportation when going to school etc. ” and the most important and beautiful things from this is that they would see themselves as valuable persons to family. Besides, they would gain the acceptance and respect from the society.
1. Create job for parents or guardians so they can earn income by working.
2. Reduce financial problems in community and enhance the family relationship.
3. Helping needy children through the wellbeing of their parents.

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You can help the poor and unprivileged through this program by :

o  Donate and support us for maintain the program activities
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o  Donate and support our handmade products :

o  Donate and support custom made products  ( made to order )

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Remark : All income  will be used to maintain the project’s activities and support to needy children in Thailand through all programs of Santisuk Foundation.
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