Santisuk Day Care Center

Santisuk Day Care Center

Day Care Center Program
The first center was set up in Thailand by renting a house in Soi Suan Kluai, Sukhumvit 40. It was established as a Nursery School to take care of those children providing them with transport service. Health support for children such as skin care, short-eye sighted problems, and nutrient deficiency were provided. There were 30 children in this program. Later the number of children increased, at the same time, the property owner demanding the Foundation to increase the rent. The team led by Miss Rakel, they started to look for a new appropriate place to rent. Eventually in 1987, she was coordinating with government officials at the Port Authority of Thailand to rent a piece of land through the National Housing Program, and build a 2-storey house on it, which has been the location of the Foundation until today. At present our Day Care Center is operated in Chalongkrung community only.

Santisuk Day Care Center in Chalongkrung Community
This Day Care Center started in the year 2000. The building was supported by the Norwegian government and Princess Martha at the starting amount of 1 million NOK. At present there are around 200 children in this center.

Teaching and Learning Program
The Day Care Center offers the Practical Christian Montessori Program to enable and nurture our students.

The Practical Christian Montessori Program is the combination of Badge Work Curriculum of "Family of God"  for Pre Junior from The Girls’ Brigade and The Young Men’s Brigade Thailand (GB & YMB) together with the Foundation of Creation and Good Shepherd which is a gift from Khun Mary Los Banos, The Children’s House, Hawaii.

Santisuk Day Care Center (Rules and Regulations in Thai Language) : Download file

Santisuk Day Care Center Youtube Channel :

Training and nurturing the children with love and care.

Outstanding Child Development, Well Mannered.

1. Train and nurture the children to have well behaved and polite.
2. Train and nurture the children to have honesty and well mannered.
3. Train and nurture the children to love, mercy, giving and receiving.
4. Train and nurture the children to have good quality of life and avoid from drugs.

If you are interested to visit our Day Care Center or participate in some of activities with children, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel : 02-240-1729, 02-240-1730 Fax : 02-249-7312 



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