Education Fund Program

Education Fund Program

Santisuk Foundation are sponsoring about one thousand and one hundred ( l,000 ) children living in over 40 slum communities. With the only Baht 500 each month from you represent your care towards the child. Your sponsored child will receive lunch, education, clothes, uniform, and necessary education equipment including accident insurance for all year long. You will be informed your child status of living, his autograph with photo, progress report. You can choose to sponsor according to your time limit. If for any reason you do not wish to continue your sponsorship assistance, you can inform us immediately. Your sponsorship assistance has no strings attached. 



The life of a girl named Yada who lives each day with all the struggles. She is just a girl who has to fight with her life since her youth. She lived with a sick father and a low-income mother in Chachoengsao province. Her family is very poor and they have difficulties in life. 

The house that your family lives now constructed as a simple shed made from galvanized sheets and wooden planks.The house condition cannot protect them sunlight or rain. They use a plastic cloth sheet for covering as the wall of the house. And this house was built on a rented land and they pay 200 baht per month for the rent. Her family does not have enough money to make a request to install water supply and electricity meters. 

Yada has a duty to get the water from the swamp beside her house for using in house,  shower and wash the household items. They have to buy drinking water and light the candles in order to have lighting inside the house. They still use a wood-burning stove for cooking. They do not have television or any other facilities in house.

She is just a quiet child. It takes some time in a while so you could see her smile once. Although you would be able to see her deep sadness from her eyes but she still has strength in her heart. Yada
rides the bike to school every day. She always helps her mom by doing the housework such as washing clothes by hand and scooping water up from the swamp etc.  

Because of the poverty, Yada does not dare to dream. She still does not see that what will she be in future.  

There are days that Yada rides her bike to school with empty pocket. But she would be able to have breakfast and lunch that provided by the school. She does not give up and still continue to go to school. She has hope and she wants to develop her life for brighter future. 

Your kind support on a child’s education will change her life and future forever. 


You can help the underprivileged children by giving donation to " Santisuk Foundation ".


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