Milk Powder for Infants Project.
We have to live life with the Covid-19 pandemic situation for 2-3 years already. While we all are fighting with this disease in Thailand also throughout the world, babies need to receive nutrition from breast milk which is the best food and the best vaccination for the newborn babies. There are number of mothers who are poor, unhealthy because of Covid-19 infection. Some families got infection the whole families. Their babies cannot take breast milk from their mothers. According to Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses stopped, many factories stopped, many shops closed because they had no income to run their businesses and pay all expenses. Many people became jobless. Many families with infants do not have income enough for buying Milk Power for their babies. Many people have tension and live with depression.
1. To help the poor families with infants, parents are jobless, families’ members got infection. The single parents families especially the single mothers with infants who are very poor and cannot afford to buy the Milk Powder for their babies.
2. To give advice to parents and families about the nutrition for babies from taking Milk Powder so the babies will be in good health.
หากท่านสนใจร่วมบริจาค ผ่านเว็บ Cheewid :
If you are interested in sponsoring our children, please contact us at Tel : 02-240-1729-30 Fax : 02-249-7312
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