Emergency Relief Program : Sin Lagu Storm

Sin Lagu storm caused flash floods and flowing water in many provinces of Thailand. This disaster occurred suddenly. Many people lose their homes and belongings etc. Many children have to go to school with difficulties. Many people need help especially in the northern region, Loei province, Nan province etc.

Our Emergency Relief Program is our mission to give the helping hand to those in need. We work on your behalf to provide help and support for them.

Santisuk Foundation would like to invite you to be our partner to reach out and give help to the disaster victims and their families by donating funds through our organization during this crisis.

Remark : This Emergency Relief Program also provides immediate assistance to the victims from natural disaster or social crisis such as fire, flood, break-out of epidemic disease. The assistance can come in the form of purchasing new housing items, dried food, clothing, and other necessary and medical assistance to people afflicted by various diseases. Santisuk wants to help in whatever way we can to alleviate their distress.

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