Happy Brain Happy Breakfast Program

Happy Brain Happy Breakfast Program

"Breakfast" is the most important meal. The children should receive fully nutrition in order to be ready for their studies. Santisuk Foundation found that many poor and underprivileged children are facing hunger every morning before starting their school days. Because of the poverty, their parents have very small and unstable income or they have no time to prepare the food for children before they go to school. So children do not have breakfast, they are not ready to learn. The children do not have encouragement in learning.

Santisuk Foundation started "Happy Brain Happy Breakfast Program" at Wat Tumnimit School in Samut Sakhon province since 2013. The foundation provided the fund for children’s breakfast so the school could prepare breakfast for 50 poor children. This program really helps children to be ready to learn. The children are happy to go to school. And we would like to invite you to give your donation to "Happy Brain Happy Breakfast Program" with us.

Start the Children’s New Day
with a Gift of Love through
"Happy Brain Happy Breakfast Program"
By giving your donation of 500 baht per month.
Your kindness will give them a better life and bright future.
Please contact us for more information Tel : 02-240-1729, 02-240-1730 ext : 23

You can help the poor and unprivileged through this program by : 





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