Dr. Pakorn Juntanamutta

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 Dr. Pakorn Juntanamutta

I would like to thank Santisuk Foundation for making my dream come true. I had a very happy childhood and I always thank God for that. Being born in a middle-class family; I did not have many toys like other kids, I hardly went on a vacation or visited foreign countries. However, I did not feel sad or anything due to the love and caring that I got from my parents.Their love helped me feel secure in this complicated society.  Now I found that God has been always with my family and me since I have not known him.

One summer afternoon 10 years ago, when I was in a stereo shop, a poor lady and her little daughter came in trying to sell joss sticks to people in the shop.  Unfortunately, nobody was interested. As I followed her while she was disappointedly walking out, I noticed that she also held a sick baby in her arms apart from joss sticks. "Have you taken the baby to the hospital?", I asked. She answered "yes" and showed a few bottles of liquid medicine at the same time.  I continuously asked her why she has not gone home.  She said she could not afford bus fare since she has spent all the money on the medical bill.  If she could sell one box of joss sticks, only 1 box, she would have the money for bus fare. So I bought joss sticks from her and gave her some more money so they all could go home. 
Every time I think about that lady, I feel happy that I could help someone, even though it was just a little help. This is because I always desired to help people no matter how little it would be.
As I mentioned in the beginning, thanks to Santisuk Foundation, my dream came true.  I got a chance to sponsor poor children.  I wish they would feel much secure because someone appreciates their educational effort. I wish they lived happily in this beautiful world that God created.  And I wish they would grow up being a decent person that also sponsors other poor children. I am happy every time I got letters from Santisuk children. I could not help thinking that maybe God is reading the letter with me and feels happy just like I do. 
I believe nobody is perfect and we all were born to fulfill someone’s missing pieces. Santisuk Foundation is like a weaver who weaves many people from different background in the society with God’s love. Giving does not only make the giver and the taker happy, but also makes this society a lot better than it is now.
Everyone can help improve the world for our children.  I think peace and God’s blessing are created by people reaching out to give, not to take. In the end, God’s hand will be with those who always give.

May God bless you
Dr. Pakorn Juntanamutta

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