Ms. Wimonrat Kaewsrikam

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Ms. Wimonrat Kaewsrikam

2002 - a sponsored child in Santisuk Foundation

2017 - graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts

from Chankasem Rajabhat University

I would like to thank you to my sponsor for giving me help and good chance to go and continue my schooling all along the way. I came from a poor family and your kind support really lightened the burden of my family. At present, I graduated from the university with a bachelor degree. Your kindness always gives hope to my heart and reminds me to do my best on my schooling as I longed for the bright future to come.

At the moment, I really have a good job. I have chance to use the knowledge I have learnt in the university when I am at work. I feel very grateful to your kindness upon my life. You are a person who always stands by me. I will always do good to others and I think this is the best way for me to give back to society. I have received help on my education so
I promise that one day I will give help and support to other persons too.

Ms. Wimonrat  Kaewsrikam

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