Mr. Wasin

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Mr. Wasin

2017 - graduated with a High Vocational Certificate

from Atthawit Commercial School

I would like to thank you to my sponsor and Santisuk Foundation for giving me the educational sponsorship since I studied in an elementary school level ( Pratomsuksa 6 ) until I graduated with a High Vocational Certificate. You took care of me since I was a little child until now. If I did not get a scholarship at that time, I will not be able to have a good opportunity on my education right now. And there were good activities for us to join too. I have learnt to spend my free time in useful way. And I was trained about leadership etc.

Finally, May God bless Santisuk Foundation, Director and all the staff to have strength to do good  work for the children. I promise that I will be a good person for society. 

Mr. Wasin

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