Ms. Suntharee Sripetch

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Ms. Suntharee Sripetch

2012 - graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree

from Phranakhon Rajabhat University

I was the one who got this opportunity since 14 years ago, I got a scholarship. I had a great opportunity. If I did not get this scholarship, I really did not know whether where would my tuition fees come from? Would I have chance to study in the university or not? I'm lucky than other children. Other children wanted to study but they did not have the opportunity. So I need to grab this opportunity tight to reach my destination. Until this very day, my dream comes true.

I would like to thank you to Santisuk Foundation and all the sponsors that you have helped me through all along the way. If there is anything I can do to help society, I will do it.

Ms. Suntharee Sripetch

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