Mrs.Chonticha Triviseth

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Mrs.Chonticha Triviseth

Disadvantaged Children - Lack of Opportunities

            Statistic of Thailand’s population increase rate is high up every year.  How could we insure that Thailand will improve potential of Thai people to be qualified citizen.  In order that Thai population will be able to move our nation progress in advance beyond other countries.  Having education is the first priority in developing population in the kingdom.  Therefore, if Thai children develop and receive educational opportunities, that’s the starting point in developing for good fundamental.  Each child may able to launch out individual potential to use in different part.  Starting point to self-development will return to origin; each one having good education and ready to develop self-potential to match the hidden potential.    Inside points of Thai education that cannot access every classes and groups.  For this reason, there’s group of Disadvantaged People who’s lack of taking care. They are lack opportunity of self-development.  Actually they want the opportunities in life, but various factors made them live in difficulties.  Some people have family problems, poverty problem, included environment, no one gave them opportunity.  Those are the primitive word “Disadvantaged Children” that occurs in Thailand.  Those children dwelled in various places in communities, provinces, sub-districts.  Some of them long for studies but lack of opportunity.  They’re in difficulties, living in poor conditions.  They have no chances to develop physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and mind.  Therefore it is urgent to help disadvantage children.  Then they’ll have potential and better living status, that’s suitable for healing.  These group of children will be one who has self-develop and be able to  survive in Thai society.

Topic: Disadvantaged Children - Lack of Opportunities
Author : Mrs.Chonticha Triviseth
Social Worker, Santisuk Foundation

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