Ms. Thanapond Partnipa

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Ms. Thanapond Partnipa

Future of Thai Children and Education

At  present  Thai society entered in totally digital world, included economic status; thus dynamic not statics.   In those old days people unable to access information.  New technologies, new era, it’s easier for them to access I.T., and unnecessary to meet face-to-face.  When business improves, competition high up just created an Advertisement Media to promote their own brands.  Just seconds, it rises up mega of income for any own business easily.

            Thai children’s education has been shifted from primitive way……:- to learn from teachers in classrooms, switched to..Using modern technologies.  During Covid-19 spreading, every school had to close their instructional system temporarily.  Teachers and children didn’t know thus severe situation when will be back to normal.  Schools had to adjust in every ways to launch out those new online web-based instructions to use and evaluate readiness of children intermittently.  For instance; Educational Measurement, Deliberation, Interaction.  Though learning online system might have vary obligation and unreadiness for teachers and students in first stage of adaptation.  Learning online isn’t distant issues at all. Everybody must ready to confront amendment to learn new things.  Then our nation will be more progress and in most effectives in educational for Thailander. 

Topic: Future of Thai Children and Education
Author : Ms. Thanapond Partnipat
Social Worker, Santisuk Foundation

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