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Mrs.Ubon Chansiri

Why..Education is very Important?

        Nowadays Thai's education arrived social learning era.  Which was student-centered learning, training for lives knots, and developing potential.  Shifted to self building up and human's social starts learning and acknowledges from womb to coffin of every lives.  Education is able to training morals, ethics and able to change their selves' behavior.  In order to live with other in the society with gleeful included bright future.  So that we have our own alternate occupation which is stable, and utilize to the nation.  Education would develop life's quality included physical, emotion, social-mind and intellectual.   Involved with values, ideas, virtues.

            Teachers has important role in planting and developing children, juveniles to be good citizen, to develop nation in the future.  Thai educational has systematically, planning, better instructional systems.  Education is important in sustaining lives and influenced to society.  There's compulsory education, in those days parents had to bring children to study as specified by national compulsory educational.  It takes 12 years in Compulsory Education after that duration will be graduate study.

         Duration of studies, if it promotes Thai children to have skills in lives.  Necessary skills for realistic working.  The important skills as adaptation, creativity, problem solutions and team building.  Therefore education led Thai children and juveniles to reach their own destinations accords their dreams.  Many children, if they entered studying, they won't be disadvantaged.  They'll reach their dreams & future, good occupations.  Self dependable and be dependable to their own families. They won't become thieves, swindlers and will be good people in the society.

Topic    : Why..Education is very Important?
Author : Mrs.Ubon Chansiri
Social Work, Santisuk Foundation

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